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“Imagine everyone approaching their daily job not just as work but as a chance to make real impact on the world?”

Alexis Haas, 
League Fellow and Chief Sustainability 
Officer at Arcadis

Over the last ten years, we’ve been championing intrapreneurship into the mainstream. We’ve written books, hosted global festivals, campaigned across publications, made videos and spoken on podcasts. 

If you love the concept of intrapreneurship and want to see it take over the world, this is the place to start. 

Sign the pledge

Join thousands around the world who are taking a stand and driving intrapreneurship in their day jobs. The more of us there are, the greater impact we have.

Sign the pledge for free, 
and be part of the movement.

Immerse yourself in intrapreneurship



Our annual membership plan is open to everyone who identifies as an intrapreneur and is designed for both individuals and teams.
By joining our global community, intrapreneurs are invited to participate in all our events, including a ticket to Global Intrapreneur Week, access to private groups and networking sessions throughout the year.



Global Intrapreneurship Week, also known as GIW, is our annual festival created to spotlight and accelerate the important work of institutional changemakers. 

This in-person and virtual event covers all time zones and is held at numerous locations around the world. 


Intrapreneur’s Guide to Pathfinding 

Identify your bigger purpose, create more impact, find fellow co-travellers, and survive and thrive on the intrapreneurial journey.

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A podcast series created in the midst of the pandemic, shining light 
on how intrapreneurs navigate and innovate in uncertain times.

Youtube Channel 

Discover how-to videos and stories of courage from changemakers around the globe. 



Read case studies and interviews celebrating the often unsexy work of change from within.

Where we’ve been featured

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We’re thankful to the BMW Foundation Herbert Quartz and Heron Foundation for backing the League and accelerating the movement. 

Do you love what we’re doing and want to support the intrapreneurial movement in a bigger way? Let’s chat! 
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