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Intrapreneurs often navigate unchartered territories within their organizations. They work tirelessly, bringing innovations to improve the system within their territories. For many, this can be a lonely journey accompanied by numerous challenges and that is why The League of Intrapreneurs welcomes everyone who identifies as an intrapreneur to join our community of changemakers from within and support each other in this quest to making the world a better place than we found it.


By joining our Global Community you are making a commitment for yourself to developing your intrapreneurship skills, opening yourself to new possibilities and showing up for yourself and others in the community.

To read more about the League of Intrapreneurs Community principles, please follow this link.

What you're saying yes to:

  • Exclusive access to Global Intrapreneur Week

  • All year round networking events

  • Special offers on the League's Learning Pathways for intrapreneurs

  • Access to a private Intrapreneurs LinkedIn group

  • Quarterly Newsletter

  • Exclusive invitations to join League of Intrapreneurs Events


  • 29£
    Every year

Our annual subscription renews every year.
Cancel anytime.

*We never want money to be a barrier and offer a number of scholarships per year. Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more.

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