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Meetup Guide

Here’s a step-by-step process to help make your intrapreneur’s meetup a true celebration. 

You’ve found your people and now you’re ready to create an
energizing Intrapreneur’s Meetup to connect and enlighten

your change agents. Here’s what you’ll need to do:





We propose the following structure but feel free to be creative and explorative with how you bring your meetup together:



Introduce the spirit of the event.

What this might look like in practice: Share what GIW2022 is, how it works and why it’s important.

We’ve created a template presentation to make this easier, download it here.



Draw inspiration from those around you or beyond.

What this might look like in practice: Host a screening of the recorded talks from GIW2022, or interview an intrapreneur you know, from your organization or beyond.
Questions you might ask: 

Why you are an intrapreneur?
Where does your fire come from? 
What is your intrapreneurial project?
What learnings or advice do you have for other aspiring intrapreneurs?



Create meaningful connections between attendees.

What this might look like in practice: Use The League’s Way as a guide for interaction.
As a group, take it in turns to share your answers to any of the following questions:

What does courage mean to you?
When was the last time you felt courageous?
If you had 3% more courage, what would you do?
What is the most courageous thing you can do in this moment?

You can print out the cards with questions.



Discuss what happens next.

What this might look like in practice: Let your community know how they can engage with each other after GIW2022.


Secure a location for your meetup. How intimate do you expect your event to be? What kind of activities will take place? Do you need access to the internet or projectors? Do you need fixed seating arrangements or do you expect them to be flexible and moving around the place? Keep these questions in mind before booking your venue.


Remember, these events aim to be open for all, and we strongly suggest all partners find ways to host them for free. However, if you have to charge entrance to cover the cost of running the event that is fine, as long as GIW ticket holders can enter for free. 



It’s completely up to you how formal or informal your invite is. For some, it might make sense to keep it a simple WhatsApp text. For others, it might be better to create an official event on Eventbrite. The most important thing is to think about what moves and inspires your people, and make sure to include this in your call to action.


We’ve created some materials to help bring your promotion to life, find them here. 


So that we can add your meetup to the GIW2022 map of events, please upload your logo, the title of your event and registration details here (or send us your Eventbrite page if you have created one).


What to do after your event…

Share your impact

We’re committed to providing the best experience to our community and celebrating the great work that’s being done in every corner of the globe to advance the intrapreneurial movement. After your event, we invite you to fill in this report template and share your photos and feedback.

Keep the spark alive

We invite you to explore our I’M IN Pathways to discover more ways you and your community can continue to build momentum on your intrapreneurial journey beyond GIW2022.

This guide is part of the I’M IN Toolkit; a toolkit designed to help you build and nurture a community of intrapreneurs inside your organisation. Keep an eye out for the full I’M IN Toolkit coming to you soon.

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