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The Week - private exhibition

The future we are heading into could be terrifying.  It's no longer just scientists, more and more people everywhere are extremely worried about what happens in the next 30 years as the climate and the environment start to break down. 

It’s our future, and we have a right to know what’s coming. So we can decide what we want to do about it. So we have no regrets.​ ​The Week is a way to face what's coming and step into our power, for what will become - whatever we chose to do - our collective adventure. The Week is a 3-session experience to help us face the environmental and climate crisis and make sense of it.


At Global Intrapreneur Week, 100 participants will have the opportunity to be part of the experience and engage in an exclusive conversation with Frederic Laloux on how to convey the energy into action. 

Film 1: 12th October 6 PM CET/ 1 PM ET

Film 2: 13th October 6 PM CET/ 1 PM ET

Film 3: 14th October 6 PM CET/ 1 PM ET

The Week private screening

In-person events are taking place in every corner of the globe.

Check the locations already confirmed, and step in to make your community a part of it.

in-person events
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