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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Plastics Pacts Global Network Manager



  • Bio:









    Circular economy

    Systemic changes

    Overlap between environmental issues and human rights violations








  • Why are you stepping up as a Mentor?

    My career pathway has not been linear. I've been driving my professional decisions over the past 15 years attempting to create a positive impact through the organisations I've worked for. Concretely, this was translated into creating roles that did not exist before, leading ambitious projects, promoting unexpected partnerships, taking many risks, making mistakes and also being able to experience very interesting results. At this point I've accumulated learnings and experiences that, although being very individual, might be relevant for others, either starting their careers, people willing to shift their careers to have a more meaningful role, or to share experiences with like minded intrapreneurs. 

    Additionally, the humanitarian and environmental emergencies we are facing are reaching dangerous tipping points and I believe it's absolutely necessary for more people to focus on changing the status quo, so I'm willing to support in whichever ways I can.  


    Why is mentorship important for intrapreneurs' journey? 

    I started my career in a traditional corporate role and have been shaping my journey intuitively without much guidance. I didn't know what intrepreneurship was until someone told me I was one, not so long ago. I believe it would have been easier and definitely less lonely to have had some individual support and advice earlier and I think mentorship can be a very powerful tool for this kind of support.

  • In what ways can I support intrapreneurs?

    In my career I've had  traditional roles in FMCGs, I've worked for corporate Foundations, I've had roles in areas like social responsibility, shared value, corporate sustainability, I currently work for an international NGO and I'm finalizing a Masters degree in Human Rights. So I believe I've developed a very specific perspective and I see things from a big picture in terms of how change actually happens. Sharing my experiences, my perspectives, accomplishments and also the limitations I found in those different roles and organisations might be helpful for people aiming to drive change within their organisations.


    Why should intrapreneurs be part of the League? 

    In my experience, intrapreneurs are very purpose driven and self motivated, but they usually feel isolated in their own organisations, trying to navigate that system aiming to drive positive change, fighting the status quo. I believe that when like minded intrapreneurs connect, it can be very comforting and empowering. I'm a big fan of peer learning and the League created this community, with amazing people, tools, content, inspirations, methods and platforms to make it possible.

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