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Essilor Luxottica

Head of Sustainable Programming



  • Bio:






    Asia Pacific



    Navigating Politics

    Business Case

    Impact measurement

    Conceptualising a Social Impact initiative and then taking it to scale (globally).




  • Why are you stepping up as a Mentor?

    When I started my journey as an “Intrapreneur” I never had the privilege of having anybody act as a Mentor for me. Consequently I had to find my way the hard-way. I feel that if I had a mentor during my initial intrapreneurial days, it would have really helped me.


    Why is mentorship important for intrapreneurs' journey?

    An Intraprenurs’ journey is often the “path less travelled” and can get pretty challenging as well as lonely. Having a mentor helps to learn from his/her experiences which are mostly factual and based on real life situations.

  • In what ways can I support intrapreneurs?

    I can support by sharing my own experiences acquired in the past 2 decades. I can also act as a sounding board and bring in a new perspective which is mostly based on ground realities and lessons learnt from actually building things from scratch.


    Why should intrapreneurs be part of the League? 

    As I mentioned earlier, Intrapreneurial journey can sometimes be lonely & frustrating. By being part of the League somebody embarking on this journey will be able to meet many such Intrapreneurs who can be a source of knowledge & inspiration. The journey would not feel so lonely any more.

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