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Accelerate Estonia

Founder, Head of Public Policy and Research



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    Creative thinking

    Navigating Politics

    Community Building


    Defining one's role as an intrapreneur, and coming to terms with it; Mental models that are of use when developing as an intrapreneur





  • Why is mentorship important for intrapreneurs?

    My career in public service has always been about pushing the limits of what is possible in government. I’ve been both a mentor and mentee, both in my professional and personal life, and in all instances it has been very rewarding. 

    These heart to heart conversations with likeminded people are of immense value to any intrapreneur. Mostly because it is so rewarding to find proof that you are not alone in your quest. 


    A fun fact about mentorship is, that overtime the roles of mentor and mentee can also switch. I feel I’m currently in a good space to step up as a mentor, but I could easily become your mentee as our journey unfolds. I’ve seen it happen in my own life, and that kind of mutual trust is just indispensable. 

  • In what ways can I support intrapreneurs?

    Listening with empathy and not jumping to premature solutions are among my strengths. Having had the opportunity to guide a few dozen intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs on how to navigate government affairs, I think I have quite a few stories up my sleeve that could help you position yourself in your dispensable situations. 


    Why should intrapreneurs be a part of The League?

    By taking a peak at our Mentors and what they have to say, you’re already a part of The League. So let’s take this next step together?

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