Am I an intrapreneur?

Believe it’s your job to change the world? Then yes.

It seems to be the age of the entrepreneur. New businesses emerging to rattle the cage of the system. Waves of books, TV and tools to support and celebrate them. But what about those unsung heroes working to make change from within? People working inside organizations to transform them for good? We’re here for you: the intrapreneurs.

‘Intrapreneur’ isn’t a job title,
it’s a way of working and being.

Intrapreneurs are…


Collaborating across traditional company boundaries.


Finding innovation potential where others typically see risk or challenge.


Seeing the interconnections between business value and societal pressures.


Bringing others on board with their vision for “shared value”.


Believing that business can be a force for good.


With a track record of getting stuff done.

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