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Case Study: Vodafone

Case Study: Vodafone mPesa FEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Nick Hughes, M-KOPA Nick Hughes is one of the intrapreneurs behind Vodafone’s mobile money solution: mPESA. When Nick pitched the idea originally, he received pushback from senior management. ‘We aren’t in the banking...

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Case Study: Unilever

Case Study: Unilever FEATURED INTRAPRENEUR MYRIAM SIDIBE, GLOBAL SOCIAL MISSION DIRECTOR, LIFEBUOY BRAND Myriam is leading one of the largest public health campaigns in the world – from inside one of the largest companies in the world. Together with a number of...

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Case Study: Nike

Case Study: Nike FEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Sam McCracken, General Manager, Nike N7 Sam is a basketball coach and a Native American – of the Sioux tribe in Montana. He also works for Nike – one of the most iconic brands in the world. Sam’s community, like many Native...

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Case Study: Google

Case Study: Google FEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Rebecca Moore, Google Earth Outreach Rebecca Moore is the intrapreneur behind Google Earth Outreach, which supports nonprofits, communities and indigenous peoples around the world in applying Google’s mapping tools to pressing...

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