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Creating new pathways in social sector

Creating new pathways in social sectorFEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Ryan Shepard Executive Director of CARE Atlanta Global Innovation HubRyan’s work at the CARE Atlanta Global Innovation Hub is centered around creating new pathways and clearing space for new ideas within the...

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Saving the rainforest through the Power of Cocoa

Saving the Rainforest through the Power of CocoaFEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Katie Sims of Birdlife/RSPBAs part of her work with RSPB (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) in the protected area of Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone, Kate was collaborating closely with...

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Reimagining the Great Australian Dream

Reimagining the Great Australian Dream FEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Katherine Leong of National Australia Bank Who are you? Curious explorer, passionate foodie, lover of environmental documentaries and a chartered accountant. *** Where does your fire come from? What drives...

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Co-creating with Indigenous Canadians

Co-creating with Indigenous Canadians FEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Ian Howatt of City of Edmonton Who are you? Collaborator. Strategist. Advocate. Change agent. Catalytic leader. Dad!! *** Who are you? Collaborator. Strategist. Advocate. Change agent. Catalytic leader. Dad!!...

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Tomorrow’s Markets Incubator

Tomorrow's Markets Incubator FEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Teodora Berkova of Pearson Education Who am I? Experienced changemaker focused on purpose-led innovation, with experience at the intersection of private sector & intl development. Currently crafting new business...

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Interface & ZSL Empowering Coastal Communities

Interface & ZSL empowering coastal communities FEATURED INTRAPRENEURS Miriam Turner, formerly of Interface & Dr Nick Hill of the Zoological Society of London Net-Works is an inclusive business that empowers coastal communities in 36 communities in the...

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Swiss Re & Oxfam Join Forces

Swiss Re & Oxfam Join Forces FEATURED INTRAPRENEURS Christina Ulardic of Swiss Re & Marjorie Brans, formerly of Oxfam America The R4 Rural Resilience Initiative is a comprehensive risk-management initiative that helps smallholder farmers in Africa cope with...

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Technology for all

Technology for all: eBay & Careplus FEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Yun Hui Hong, ebay Korea Karen Deignan of Net-Works interviews Yun Hui Hong of eBay Korea to find out how she created CarePlus, a specialist store on its auction platform that gives users access to a world...

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Financing for Social Impact

Financing for Social Impact FEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Elliot Anderson, Head of Financial Inclusion at National Australia Bank Good Money is a community-focused initiative providing safe and affordable financial services for people on low incomes across three states in...

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The impact intrapreneurs: Danone & Lemon Tri

Danone & LemonTri Partnership FEATURED INTRAPRENEUR Frédérique Rathle, sustainability director of Danone Water France In this guest blog, Karen Deignan of Net-Works interviews Frédérique Rathle (featured left) to find out how Danone Water France worked with...

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