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Set On Your Intrapreneurship Journey

Set On Your Intrapreneurship Journey

In this Learning Pathway, you will set the foundations for your journey as an intrapreneur. 


We will introduce you to the tools and methodologies necessary to lead change from within your organization regardless of your position. This course offers fundamental knowledge for aspiring intrapreneurs as well as moments for reflection to help you digest and integrate the material.

Prepare yourself for a few “a-ha!” moments along the way. 



  • Global Membership

    Joining the League of Intrapreneurs Learning Pathways automatically includes our community membership and all its benefits including:

    • Access to our private community group
    • Invitation to join our events
    • Invitation to join our quarterly networking sessions
    • Quarterly newsletter
  • Intrapreneurship 101

    In this online course, you will learn how to drive change and innovation from within your organization to make a positive impact. This course focuses on building your confidence and developing the skills required for successful intrapreneurship.


    + Interactive Content designed by intrapreneurs

    + 5 Self-paced Modules:

    • Introduction to Intrapreneurship
    • Coming up with a world changing idea
    • Building community and support for your idea
    • Making the case for your idea
    • Fostering personal resilience as an intrapreneur
  • The Intrapreneur's Guide To Pathfinding

    Lovingly co-created by the League of Intrapreneurs Community, this Guide is designed to help intrapreneurs identify their bigger purpose, create more impact, find fellow co-travelers, and most importantly survive (and thrive!) the journey of #changefromwithin.

    A must read for all aspiring and practicing intrapreneurs.

  • Intrapreneur Toolkit

    Intrapreneurs venture into uncharted territory daily; there is no roadmap for the journey we are on. Yet, we can capture and share learnings from experiments – big and small – across the world.

  • Power Hour with the League

    Meet the League of Intrapreneurs, its community of senior intrapreneurs and your peers in this one hour networking session format.

  • Intrapreneur Certificate

    Upon completion of this Learning Pathway, intrapreneurs will receive a League of Intrapreneurs certificate and a digital badge with credentials that you can add to your Linkedin profile or proudly frame on your office walls!

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