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Building a culture of Intrapreneurship

We are living in an era defined by rapid change. Our ability to thrive – whether as a community, company or citizen – will depend on our capacity for adaptation, collaboration, and innovation. The League brings together institutions that recognize the relevance and importance of impact-driven intrapreneurship, and collaborate to create a more intrapreneurial ecosystem.

Organizational Initiatives

How do we enable intrapreneurship across our organization? How can we develop an intrapreneurial mindset and skills in our employees? How can we identify and support the intrapreneurs inside our organization? To help answer these questions, we developed League Learning Products to be delivered by local learning partners leveraging real insights, experiences and wisdom from League Members.


Our inspirational talks call for reflection on the importance of intrapreneurship, and the personal capacity of leaders and employees to influence the system.


We offer two 1-day workshops:
1. Intrapreneur Context: diagnosis, reflection and intervention.
2. Intrapreneurship Leadership: diagnosis and application of Intrapreneur Toolkit.


We set up in-house and topic-based Customized Leagues and provide training and coaching to support impact-driven innovation projects.

Case Studies

Partnership with
Perestroika Brasil

We created an intrapreneurship workshop that has been run by League catalysts and members more than 15 times over 18 months…


How do you enable innovation and intrapreneurship across a global organization? This is a question we often are asked at the League…


The League was invited by BMW Group to inspire over 70 employees across the company’s procurement, research and development and…

Ecosystem Initiatives

How can we embed intrapreneurship into existing processes and systems so that intrapreneurship becomes mainstream? How can we break down systemic barriers to intrapreneurship?

To answer these questions, we focus on 3 types of initiatives…

Awareness Talks & Campaigns

We publish and promote stories of intrapreneurship in the media as a way to inspire others.

Knowledge Generation

We systematize the learnings from our community in ways that can be shared open source to expand intrapreneurship.

Systems Movements

We collaborate with existing initiatives that can benefit from our insight and methodology.

Case Studies


With support from DFID, CEMEX, and The BMW Foundation, we partnered with Business Fights Poverty to explore all the ways we can create innovative and intrapreneurial working environments…


At its core, The League is about driving innovation at a systems level. To do this requires bringing unusual actors together to collaborate across sectors and silos…

league awards – Generating awareness

The League of Intrapreneurs hosted the first ever global awards for social or impact intrapreneurship in 2013…


League catalysts and members have been promoting impact driven intrapreneurship in global conferences as well as local events in more than…

Working with the League was a transformative experience. The League allowed us to give space to a latent entrepreneurial spirit in our company. We have 2 projects in progress that emerged out of our in-house League, but beyond this, it is amazing to see how the intrapreneurial spirit can be contagious throughout our team. Working with the League was a delicious mix of expertise and methodology with positive energy and humanity all along.

Andre Lima
NBS Brazil, Denzo Group
Working with the League is energizing as it engages changemakers who combine passion and business to deliver real social impact.

Heiko Spitzeck
Executive Manager
Sustainability Center, Fundacao Dom Cabral
Innovating and creating positive change within big and complex corporations is a challenging task that you can’t do alone. It’s a collective effort that demands several minds, a network who come together with a common purpose: to use business as a force for good. In the three years that I’ve been working with the League of Intrapreneurs, I’ve realized the immense importance and power of their work.

Tomás de Lara
Co-Leader Cities+B
Sistema B International

We work with…


Organizations that want to invest or are already investing in creating an in-house intrapreneurial environment and would like to accelerate this process by learning with others in this same journey.


Foundations, governments or private organizations that understand the relevance of intrapreneurship to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.


Institutions that are dedicating time to research the field of intrapreneurship, and who would like to partner with us to publish reports and case studies.


Organizations that are promoting intrapreneurship by offering workshops, programs, courses, in-house accelerators and can benefit from the League brand, content and community to strengthen their offering.

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