League of Intrapreneurs
Global Partnership

League of Intrapreneurs
Global Partnership

Are you looking to create a more agile and entrepreneurial culture in your organization? Keen to retain and activate the high potential talent in your company? Looking to close the gap between ambition and impact?

The League is working with organizations to help them unlock the human potential of their employees.

As a Global Partner you will:

+   Gain Insights from a Cohort of Peers Across  Sectors

+   Access Leading Intrapreneurship Webinars and Tools for your Employees

+   Connect your High Potential Intrapreneurs with a Global Network

+   Align your Brand with a Leading Global Movement for Impact

+   Become a key sponsor of Global Intrapreneur Week 2021

Join us as a Global Partner to Unlock the Intrapreneurial Potential of your Employees

As a Global Partner, you will:

Gain Insights from a Cohort of Peers Across Sectors

As a Global Partner of the League of Intrapreneurs you and your team will join a peer cohort of internal catalysts working to create intrapreneurial cultures. We’ll kick off with a global workshop September 2020 where you will make critical connections with peers to share learning and insights over the course of your journey.

Access Leading Intrapreneurship Webinars and Tools for your Employees 

We’ll provide you with The Intrapreneur Academy, five 90-minute webinars on intrapreneurship tailored to the needs of your employees. Topics covered include: The Intrapreneur’s Mindset, Purpose, Systems Change, Developing a World-Changing Idea, Building Community, Storytelling and Measuring Impact.

We will also give your teams access to “The Intrapreneur’s Travel Kit,” a suite of digital tools that includes The Intrapreneurs Guide to Pathfinding book, The Intrapreneur’s Compass, a one-page business planning guide, and The League’s Case Clinic methodology - a proven model for peer coaching and innovation.  

Connect your High Potential Intrapreneurs with a Global Network 

Global Partners are invited to nominate up to 20 of their high potential intrapreneurs to join The League of Intrapreneurs global learning community, benefitting from additional network development and knowledge to advance their projects.

Align your Brand with a Leading Global Movement for Impact 

Intrapreneurship is an idea whose time has come. Solutions are not coming from the top down, but from the middle and bottom up. Align your brand with a movement that signals to your employees and customers that you are committed to creating positive impact in the world. 

During Global Intrapreneur Week June 7 -11, 2021, we will feature stories of your intrapreneurs. We will also identify ways you can use this global platform to spark further innovation in your company through internal challenges or other inspiring events.

Your 9-month Partnership Journey begins in September 2020
and will culminate with Global Intrapreneur Week 2021.


+  The Global Partner Kick Off
Workshop will connect you with
peers working to shift culture and
drive innovation with impact.

October 2020
- May 2021

+  The Intrapreneur Academy will
provide your intrapreneurs
access to webinars, tools and
peer coaching methods. Select
intrapreneurs are invited to join the
Global League.


+  You’ll be featured as a key
sponsor of #GIW2021, including a
storytelling and media campaign
and employee engagement.


“Most of us as intrapreneurs are atypical leaders. We have been pioneering for a long time and for that we need a certain type of shelter and the League gives us exactly the shelter we need.”

Myriam A. Sidibé

Global Social Mission Director, Unilever Lifebuoy

“Working with the League was a transformative experience. The League allowed us to give space to a latent entrepreneurial spirit in our company. We have 2 projects in progress that emerged out of our in-house League, but beyond this, it is amazing to see how the intrapreneurial spirit can be contagious throughout our team. Working with the League was a delicious mix of expertise and methodology with positive energy and humanity all along.”

Andre Lima

Partner, NBS Brazil, Denzo Group

“We support the League because we believe in the need for social intrapreneurs who have the courage to change large organizations (corporate, public) from within ”

Markus HIPP

Executive Director, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Why join us?

The League of Intrapreneurs is the leading global network for impact intrapreneurship. Our members come from +200 organizations across sectors and geographies and are developing disruptive innovations to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals. League members are our most valuable resource, generously sharing their expertise and insights. Together, we have created fresh and effective methods for learning and advancing systems change.

Global Intrapreneur Week is the first global platform to convene intrapreneurs and experts tackling our most pressing global challenges.

#GIW2020 included: 2,800 intrapreneurs, innovators and systems shifters from 87 countries. 60+ events covered timely topics around innovation, leadership and change. Featured speakers included Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever, Tania Cosentino, GM, Microsoft Brazil, Bill Winters, CEO, Standard Chartered, Fred Swaniker, African Leadership University, Holly Gordon, Participant Media, Pascal Finette, Chair for Singularity University and Hushahu Yawanawa, first female shaman of her Amazon tribe.

As a Global Partner you will be featured as a key sponsor of  #GIW2021.

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Global Intrapreneur Week is designed to expand your horizons, deepen your leadership capacity and connect you with fellow intrapreneurs around the world. Save the date 8-12 June! We’ll be releasing more information as we get closer to June. If you’d like to get notified as we update the program, please sign up.

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