We are often asked: “What exactly is an intrapreneur? And what makes them so special?”
If you ask most venture capitalists the same question about an entrepreneur, they’ll often respond:

“Well, you simply know one when you see one.”

We feel the same about intrapreneurs.

But, as you and others seek to deepen your practice for innovation and intrapreneurship, we believe it’s essential to be more specific about the mindsets, skills and behaviors required to be an effective change agent inside an organization.

That’s why we developed The League Intrapreneur Quotient™ (or League IQ™): to provide you with a starting point to gauge your intrapreneurial potential. The League IQ™ is a quick self-assessment that enables you to understand your unique gifts as a change agent and to identify areas for future development.

Developed in collaboration with Susan Foley at Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC – a seasoned expert in the field – this tool is based on years of research looking at the competencies of successful intrapreneurs and intrapreneurial leaders

The League IQ is comprised of four sections:

Work Environment

Looks at key influences in your work context that are critical to your success as an intrapreneur.

Leadership Competencies

An assessment of how you show up at work across six intrapreneurial leadership competencies. Are you more traditional or more intrapreneurial?


How you perceive your current behaviour across these six competencies. Enables you to identify gaps between your perception and your reality and develop learning objectives.

Attributes and Influences

An assessment of your intrapreneurial DNA across four key attributes: mindset, thinking, decision making and action.

Do you want to know your intrapreneur quotient?

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