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This is a space for you to dive deeper into the world of intrapreneurship. We’ve got loads of great case studies, tools, guides and stories of courage, collaboration and change. The League is a global community of learners – so if there’s something you can add to our collection, please Tweet us or reach out to us on Facebook, we’d love to hear about it!

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Discover the League Toolkit plus various reading lists and guides to expand your intrapreneurial knowledge.

Intrapreneurs quotient

Understand your intrapreneurial potential  – or that of your team – by taking our unique self assessment.

Online course 
for intrapreneurs

Identify your innovation quest and build your intrapreneurial practice though our 5-module online course.

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We get it. The promise is there – move the big ship and big things can happen. Yet, it’s easier said than done.
Sometimes you can feel like a salmon swimming upstream.

But you’re not alone. Intrapreneurs in big companies and small, in for-profits and non-profits, in cities around the world face similar challenges. From finding sufficient time to unlocking resources to connecting with the bigger picture – we feel your pain. Fortunately, we can help. Check out our Global Membership for more details.

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