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Global Intrapreneur Week

JUNE 7 – 11 2021

Join us from June 7-11 2021 to explore and celebrate intrapreneurship through a series of virtual talks and sessions that will expand your horizons, deepen your leadership capacity and connect you with fellow intrapreneurs around the world. 

In the spirit of radical co-creation, Global Intrapreneur Week (GIW) is an open space for all changemakers to share their gifts and skills, and contribute to the global intrapreneurship movement. We’re inviting any intrapreneur or catalyst the opportunity to hold their own session throughout the week.

If you’re interested, please share with us what you have in mind.

Before you start, here are some things to think about:


How does your idea respond to one of the four themes of the week?

+   A Time for Moonshots:       Intrapreneurship for a Regenerative Economy

+    Modern-Day Pathfinders: Intrapreneurs Modelling Leadership for the 21st Century +    Humanizing organizations:  Understanding and supporting intrapreneurs +    Co-Travelers: The role of community and peer support on the pathfinding journey  


What is the best type of session? Although the whole event is happening virtually, try to imagine GIW as if it were happening offline. It would probably have three types of sessions, where does yours fit in?

+    A “main stage” with all the keynotes and panels aimed for a wide audience; where audience members go to get inspired and learn something new.

+    A smaller workshop and discussion group; where audience members go to work on a tangible project, space for interaction and conversation.    A party 🙂 Let’s be real, the best bit about a conference is meeting likeminded people and making new friends. How can we make it happen in the virtual world?


Be creative, but also be realistic. We will count on you to organize the session you suggest, so please make sure you have the capacity to hold that space. It might even make more sense to invite someone from the League community to co-host the session with you.

Now, the floor is yours.

You can suggest a webinar, panel, workshop, guided discussion, but also a DJ party, concert or cabaret; whatever your creative mind can come up with!

Please submit your ideas by no later than April 23rd, 2021.

Our GIW curation team will come back to you in ten days. We will asses the sessions using the following  criteria/ principles:


Authentic, open conversation

Harnessing the intrapreneurs mindset: practical, action-oriented

Wholeheartedness: full humanity present in every interaction throughout the week

Thank you for co-creating the #intrapreneurship movement with us!


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