The Importance of Humanity Post-Pandemic

Insights from Nature, Higher Education, Workforce Development and Tech on how to Rebuild a More Inclusive and Sustainable Society

As governments pour more money into social security and economic stimuli than ever in history, the fissures and faults in their systems are coming into relief: we’re seeing how policy and technology can exacerbate inequalities of race, gender, socio-economic status, etc. requiring a greater focus on human dignity.

I’ve been working with government, civil society and academic leaders at the intersection of North Americas higher education and workforce development systems on behalf of LinkedIn.
The challenges and successes I’ve seen to moving online and to remote work amongst post-secondaries, workforce boards and unemployment supports have been substantial. But through humanity has been reinforced: Recent transformations have highlighted the value of in-person and synchronous interaction.
They have demonstrated the links between interpersonal peer to peer and mentored learning and physical space. And they have confirmed the necessity of physical interaction for learning, demonstrating and recognizing, many human and foundational skills and many of the most in-demand technical skills such as in healthcare and the trades.

In this talk I’ll explore the extremes of possibility for the future that Covid-19 has created and what they say about what we’ve been missing to-date:
– UBI and a robust safety net or a broke state verging on oligarchy,
– valuing in-person interactions more or more remote work,
– greater inequality for disadvantaged populations from people with disabilities to people of colour or an opportunity to leverage technology and a new economy to leapfrog their economic, social and physical barriers.

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Jun 09 2020


8pm CET/4am AEST/2pm EDT
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 09 2020
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm



League of Intrapreneurs

LinkedIn and the ICoBC


LinkedIn and the ICoBC

Other Organizers

Lighthouse Labs
Lighthouse Labs


  • Jake Hirsch-Allen
    Jake Hirsch-Allen

    Jake Hirsch-Allen works with North America’s governments, workforce development organizations, colleges and universities, to leverage LinkedIn’s Learning Solutions and Economic Graph data to close skills gaps. Jake is passionate about supporting disadvantaged groups such as newcomers and refugees, indigenous populations, the formerly incarcerated and people with disabilities. Jake speaks regularly on the changing nature or future of work and learning. Jake is a Director on the Boards of the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity and the Canadian Club and is on the Advisory Boards of the Hot Docs Cinema and Code for Canada and an Executive at the International Council on Badges and Credentials. Jake founded Lighthouse Labs, Canada’s foremost software development bootcamp and Hacking Health. A former intellectual property and international criminal lawyer, Jake was also Chair of the Technology Committee of the Global Education Platform, taught Global Health at McMaster University and clerked at the Supreme Court of Israel.



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