Intrapreneurs Building Bridges: Corporate, Academic and Public Sectors

A conversation around purpose driven multi-sectoral  collaborations. 

The panel will discuss best practices, successes, failures and lessons learned.

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Jun 11 2020


9am CET/5pm AEST/3am EDT
3:00 am - 4:30 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 11 2020
  • Time: 3:00 am - 4:30 am



League of Intrapreneurs



  • Kwena Mabotja
    Kwena Mabotja

    Africa Regional Director SAP Next-Gen

    She is the Regional Lead for the Global Gender Agenda, a collaboration with organisations such as UN Women, which aims to leverage innovation and technology as an enabler to empower and enable women and girls through public-private partnerships.

    She is also a Non-Executive Director at Moment Business Consultants an organisation that provides business consulting services to startups and SMEs in South Africa.

    Kwena has more than ten years overall industry experience. As a former management consultant, she has worked with business leaders across various industries to solve critical business challenges.

    She is considered amongst the top 1% of Africa’s youth leaders, having been selected as a Mandela-Washington Fellow- the flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative, as well as an Afrika Kommt Fellow, a German-led program to develop future leaders of Africa.

    Kwena is an international conference speaker having been invited as a keynote speaker and panellist at various international events. She is a spokesperson and thought leader on the topic of empowering youth, women and girls as key contributors in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Kwena is a change multiplier who is passionate about empowering Africa’s youth and women through skills development, innovation and technology as a key driver in unlocking economic growth for the African continent and the World.

  • Nekesa Were
    Nekesa Were

    Nekesa Were is the Managing Director of iHub, Nairobi – Kenya. She has been with iHub for over 7
    years, with over 400 companies coming out of the Hub during this time, making it one of the most
    successful innovation hubs globally. Nekesa sits on the Board of AfriLabs and Creatives Garage, and

    she volunteers at Uzima Foundation. With over 10 years’ of experience in Leadership, Human
    Resource Management, Operations and Communications, Nekesa also founded the Inspire Harvest –
    a Kenya based Digital Communications and Operations Management Company which develops and
    executes the digital strategies of several influential grassroots governance NGOs in Kenya working
    on transparency, accountability and developing leaders. Nekesa Were is very passionate about
    developing and executing strategies that will provide the foundation and stability for iHub to lead
    the innovation agenda and drive the innovation conversation in the Kenyan, African and global
    technology sector.

  • Njeri Mwagiru
    Njeri Mwagiru

    Njeri Mwagiru is a Senior Futurist at the Institute for Futures Research (IFR), Stellenbosch University.
    She leads the African Futures portfolio, and is editor of the IFR monthly, quarterly and annual
    subscription publications on African Business Futures. She is also co-founder of a research and
    business development organisation SCEZONS that has facilitated long-term institutional partnership
    building between United Nations (UN) bodies and universities in South Africa.
    Njeri Mwagiru has a Masters in International Relations from the University of the Witswatersand and
    holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of
    Business. Her research and professional interests include leadership, organisational performance,
    knowledge, gender and diversity, inclusivity and transformation.
    Dr. Mwagiru has worked with a range of organisations in several capacities and contexts including
    research; higher education teaching and skills building; executive management training; policy,
    strategy and programme development; short course design, planning and delivery; project
    coordination; evaluation of initiatives for valued business, public sector, and international partners.
    Her professional work and research contributions focus on capabilities of individuals, organisations
    and countries in Africa to realise sustainable growth and collectively beneficial development. Her
    vocation is to support knowledge sharing and exchange, facilitate integrated strategic planning, and
    enhance decision-making and performance to achieve desired futures.

  • Saidah Nash Carter
    Saidah Nash Carter
    League Global Fellow

    Saidah Nash Carter is a digital business native with a passion for value creation and the use of
    technology to create new opportunity for business and for humanity. She began her career with
    Reuters NewMedia during a period of profound digital transformation and went on to build and
    launch some of the first online news services for early internet sensations like Yahoo! and AOL.
    She thrives pushing the boundaries of corporate thinking and business development through
    emerging technology, co-creation, and a focus on sustainability. She has an eye for identifying
    opportunities to stretch businesses to new frontiers while remaining connected the company’s core
    DNA and value proposition. This strength led her to design one of the first customer co-creation
    programs in Thomson Reuters resulting in a new way of approaching partnership and IP ownership
    and creating a pathway for richer collaboration with both customer and partner ecosystems.
    As SVP- Africa Innovation, she launched Thomson Reuters data science and innovation lab in Cape
    Town, one of seven innovation Labs globally and the only one in an emerging market. She is
    particularly proud of her team’s work delivering Thomson Reuters successful Africa Startup
    Challenge, Africa’s first Intrapreneurship Conference, and her flagship initiative to bring financial
    inclusion to Africa’s small scale farmers – Bankable Farmer.
    Today she leads Bright Insights Global (BIG), a boutique consultancy and expert network committed
    to helping companies do better business in Africa. BIG’s network expertise spans financial services,
    media, private equity, law, talent management, digital product and business development. BIG was
    formed out of a desire to design and accelerate forward thinking, purpose driven, globally
    competitive organizations that will drive sustainable economic development across Africa.
    She is also passionate about Africa’s Intrapraneur ecosystem and works to identify, connect and
    empower these thought leaders inside large corporations who are working to leverage innovation,
    inclusion and impact to make their companies more sustainable. She works in partnership with the
    global League of Intrapreneurs (, as League Catalyst for
    South Africa.
    Most Recent Awards & Recognition: 2017 Inspiring 50 Women in Tech, United Nations 2018 Voices
    of African Mothers Innovation Award, League of Intrapreneurs Global Fellow – 2019

  • Thandi Dyani
    Thandi Dyani

    For the last 15 years Thandi has been focusing on development issues, social entrepreneurship and
    ecosystem building in Denmark and Sub- Saharan Africa. In government institutions, NGOs, as
    founder, consultant, manager and CEO.
    Purpose means many different things to many people. For her a life of purpose translates into
    working with creating value, not only for myself by attaining my personal goals but creating impact
    for society through a collaborative approach.
    Her current role is as CEO of Impact Hub Johannesburg – a rewarding role, exciting and full of
    purpose. To change society, to empowering my all female team and to create meaningful impact.

    She do consulting on the side and build bridges between my two continents, splitting her time
    between Denmark and South Africa and traveling with her kids and husband. Being from both
    countries it is a privilege to be able to work, live and love with a foot in both countries.



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