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  • Maggie De Pree
    Maggie De Pree

    Maggie De Pree believes in the power of human agency—the ability for people to choose to make a difference in the world. She has spent over a decade harnessing the innovation potential of businesses—big and small—to address issues ranging from climate change to healthcare. Maggie is a Co-founder and Global Director of The League of Intrapreneurs and an entrepreneur and strategist, working to advance systems change with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and NGOs. She is a recipient of the Grant Thornton 100
    Faces of a Vibrant Economy Award and regularly speaks and writes on the topic of sustainable innovation and intrapreneurship. She is co-author of The Intrapreneurs Guide to Pathfinding and The Social Intrapreneur: A Field Guide for Corporate Changemakers.

  • Oren Berkovich
    Oren Berkovich

    Oren is an expert in being a generalist, mostly because there are very few things that don’t interest him. His experience is driven by a curiosity to learn and immersing himself in diverse work environments. He began his career as a Technology Captain in the Israel Defence Forces, was an entrepreneur in the Tel-Aviv startup ecosystem, and after moving to Canada, became an Intrapreneur as Senior-Manager for Strategic Growth at Deloitte. In 2016, Oren founded SingularityU (SU) Canada, a Canadian non-profit and part of the global network of Singularity University. At SU Canada, Oren and his team design transformational learning experiences that help small companies have the mindset of market leaders, and large companies have a start-up mindset.

League of Intrapreneurs



Jun 09 2020


11pm CET/+1 7am AEST/5pm EDT
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm




GIW Highlights

Futurestarters: How a shift in mindset can help you create the future

What does it mean to lead in an era of accelerating change?
When is past experience a useful superpower and when does it create blindspots that limit your imagination?

We all know that tomorrow is unpredictable, unknown, and unexpected. That’s why we tend to play it safe and can’t resist betting on solutions that feel familiar.
But, if you think about it, the safe bet is on change.

So how can we lead successfully in today’s high-pressure, high-performance day-to-day, but at the same time, bet on an unpredictable, unexpected future?

We suggest that it’s not an either-or scenario but rather a need to embrace different mindsets that must coexist. The key is to develop the ability to purposefully choose which mindset to bring to which present or future reality.

The Futurestarters intro session explores the superpowers and blindspots each of us has, and the six different essential mindsets we must leverage in order to create a future – rather than simply letting the future be a thing that happens to us.

Key Takeaways
+ When it comes to technology, we lose our superpower and fail in successfully predicting the future.
Even at the expert level, thinking remains linear while the reality is exponential
+ Convergence and acceleration of technology create blindspots we cannot see and opportunities that have not yet revealed themselves
+ Leaders must embrace different mindsets that have to co-exist in order to navigate between an unexpected future and a certain present
+ Growth happens when leaders suspend their disbelief and become learners


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