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We are so grateful for the work you do! We believe in the power of intrapreneurs and dedicate our work to supporting intrapreneurs just like you to bring your work to a more systemic level. Count on us to walk this journey alongside you and if you have any issues or questions along the way, please send us an email. To make the most of this journey we suggest you follow the order of the course and take time for reflection to digest and integrate what you are learning. Here is a quick mapping of this Learning Pathway: ➼ Annual Membership ➼ Intrapreneur Assessment ➼ The Intrapreneur's Guide to Pathfinding ➼ Individual Coaching Package ➼ Power Hour with The League of Intrapreneurs ➼ The Intrapreneur SUPER CHAMPION Certificate We can’t wait to get started with you. Enjoy the ride!

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