Rebecca Moore, Google Earth Outreach

rebecca2Rebecca Moore is the intrapreneur behind Google Earth Outreach, which supports nonprofits, communities and indigenous peoples around the world in applying Google’s mapping tools to pressing problems in areas such as environmental conservation, human rights and creating a sustainable society.

Moore describes the program as “like an analytical engine for the earth, an environmental engine” that can take in an array of data feeds, such as satellite imagery, weather and time, and use them to gain insights. The projects are done in partnership with scientists, who do the core work of building models and interpreting the data, while Google Earth Engine provides computing heft and help with presenting the data.


A recent project is Google’s partnership with Imazon, a Brazilian NGO tackling the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest. Prior to working with Google, Imazon had very little visibility into what was actually happening in the Amazon a forest roughly the size United States. To monitor illegal logging, they would rely on reports that could be a year or more out of date.  Rebecca and her team at Google provide computing power, storage and software expertise that enables Imazon and others access to weekly and in some cases daily satellite images of forest activity. So, now when a tree falls in the forest – it creates an alert for activists.

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