Monthly Newsletter

Our London chapter includes over 50 seasoned and aspiring intrapreneurs from some of the world’s biggest companies and organisations.

We meet monthly through a diverse event series of intimate, interactive and inspiring gatherings hosted in beautiful locations across the city. No meet up is ever the same – one month you might find yourself at IDEO applying design thinking to the circular economy, another on a guided walk through the city’s nature spots and entrepreneurial hubs. This is not a typical networking event. Expect to have your passions nurtured and your mind expanded, all whilst deepening friendships with other London-based impact intrapreneurs.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you live up to your potential and unleash your passions onto the world. We’re always keen to grab a coffee, hear about your and work, and plot how we, and others in the community, can help you on your intrapreneurial journey.

Look foward to meeting you,
Maggie, Nicola and Bethan

Are you a company looking to unleash #changefromwithin ?

Our members are incredible humans – but creating change on the inside is challenging if the conditions aren’t in place to allow intrapreneurship to thrive. in 2016 we started working with organisations to unlock barriers and to create the enabling environments for intrapreneurship. We’re pretty overwhelmed by the results of our first accelerator program – over 10 new ideas in market and a hugely inspired and re-energised workforce committed and enabled to grow positive impact over the long term. We’d love to learn how we can support you.